What Our Clients Say

Marc Randolph, Co-Founder of Netflix & Hillary Dessousky, General Counsel Patagonia

Following Will’s facilitation of a 1% for the Planet board strategy meeting: “Best board meeting we have ever had” and “Our best board meeting and maybe the best I have been in with any organization”

V​​erne Harnish, Founder and CEO of Scaling Up and author of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits and Scaling Up

“Will, the clients really LOVE you. The fact pattern is clear, you are really good at this!!”

Christian Cares, CEO of Enterprise X Investments

“Jim’s coaching is about actionable execution through clear guidance. His approach keeps me grounded in reality, hones my team’s capabilities, and identifies areas for my growth. His advisory services at crucial junctures reduce decision-making risk and provide clarity for success. I’m deeply grateful for his partnership in my CEO journey, and I wholeheartedly recommend him to leaders seeking to unlock their full potential and achieve greater success.”

Gary Wingerd, President & CEO of Forest Home

“Jim facilitated Forest Home’s best annual strategy meeting to date. The synergy and teamwork he nurtured propelled us forward, resulting in significant strides in advancing our strategic plan, including the completion of our Brand Promises, Core Customer and BHAG. I love working with him and the results we achieve from his input.”

Brad Adamske, CEO/Founder of NowDocs. Chief Growth Officer at Smart Energy Water

“In Private Equity, Jim oversaw portfolio companies providing CEOs invaluable leadership, vision, strategy, and operational expertise. I have worked with Jim at multiple companies and have the highest respect for his leadership, integrity, professionalism, and business acumen. He has an exceptional track record of success. Jim is an excellent communicator, well organized and gifted at developing vision, strategy and following up with execution. I highly recommend him.”

Tom Kippola, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of The Chasm Group

“As a strategic business coach and advisor, Glen has all the skill and acumen you could ask for, and more. What sets him apart from most in the field is that he’s ‘been there, done that’ as a public company CEO and entrepreneur. If you are looking to ‘cross the chasm’ to high growth for your company, you would be lucky to have Glen as your coach.”

James Miceli, CEO of Epoch Lacrosse

“Glen has the unique ability to challenge you to come up with your own conclusions, and at the same time, guide you down the path based on his own experience. He has a great temperament and a real understanding of what a CEO is faced with. He brings a perspective that allows us to leverage his expertise to become a better company and scale the business.”

Kate Williams, CEO of 1% For The Planet

“Will combines years of leadership experience and coaching expertise to provide coaching and strategic planning support that is highly effective. I particularly appreciate his ability to bring a proven process and structure, while also listening and responding to what is unique about our organization. He’s skilled and adaptable, and truly a pleasure to work with!”

Baron Heffner, Owner of Birth Experiences

“Jim is a valuable adviser and trusted leader whose depth of experience speaks for itself. He helped me to build a strategy to revitalize a declining division. His comprehensive approach and execution were spot on. He leaves no stone unturned and has a laser focus on results. Jim brings many years of successful management experience, discipline, and most important integrity. Recently, I heard a great quote about Jim, ‘He’s like a magic wand, you simply hire him, and revenue appears!’ I highly recommend Jim.”

Lisa Hirst Carnes, COO of ArcStone

“Glen is supportive and kind, yet firm. He will hold you accountable. Before we started working with him, it seemed like we were all in a boat, paddling around, with no real end in sight. We had a process for things, but it wasn’t clear. Now, we are working as a team. It’s a change you can feel – that we have discovered what we truly want to do, and distilled it to something meaningful.”

TJ Kanczuzewski, President of Inovateus Solar

“I have had the privilege of being mentored by Will Ditzler. He has done tremendous work with my executive team at Innovateus Solar and also for another family company called Logistick. Beginning Jan. 2014, I asked Will to be my coach and he has helped us fully integrate the Rockefeller Habits into our business. He also facilitates our quarterly and annual meetings. I believe this was one of the best business decisions I’ve made.”

Darcy Douglas, VP of Global Program Management at Taulia

“There is no one better at coming up with innovative ideas than Jim. His presentation skills are second to none. He can effectively communicate his message to a large room full of people or to a small group of executives around a table. He is a very personable and likable and is gifted at leading organizations to success.”

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